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A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments - Negretti & Zambra


This treatise on meteorological instruments was first published in 1864 by the partnership of Henry Negretti and Joseph Zambra, meteorological instrument makers to Queen Victoria, and describes the method of construction, scientific principles and practical uses of barometers, thermometers, hygrometers, rain gauges, anemometers, electrometers, ozonometers and other meteorological instruments.

The instruments are fully described, with the help of nearly a hundred illustrations and 19 tables, and directions are given on how they should be used. The treatise is bound with an 8-page price list covering 185 instruments available from Negretti & Zambra establishments in 1864.

1 Instruments for Ascertaining Atmospheric Pressure
2 Syphon Tube Barometers
3 Barographs, or Self-registering Barometers
4 Mountain Barometers
5 Secondary Barometers
6 Instruments for Ascertaining Temperature
7 Self-registering Thermometers 
8 Radiation Thermometers
9 Deep-sea Thermometers
10 Boiling-point Thermometers
11 Instruments for Ascertaining the Humidity of the Air
12 Instruments Used for Measuring the Rainfall
13 Apparatus Employed for Registering the Direction, Pressure, and Velocity of the Wind
14 Instruments for Investigating Atmospheric Electricity
15 Ozone and its Indicators
16 Miscellaneous Instruments
Price List

ISBN: 978-0-948382-09-3
235 x 155 mm xii + 160 pp 98 illus.
First published 1864
Reprinted by Baros Books 1995

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