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Aneroid Barometers and their Restoration - Philip R. Collins


The author charts the beginning and development of the popular aneroid barometer, with many photographs of both common and rare examples. He examines their mechanisms and gives a detailed account of how to repair them, as well as describing some of the characteristic case repairs often found necessary. Through examples, he sets out to help date aneroid barometers and shows what a diverse selection was made and sold over the past 150 years.

'Philip Collins demonstrates, in this book, the wide variety of style and design available in aneroids, as well as setting them in the context of their development both as accurate scientific instruments and as objets d'art ... His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of barometers of all types are impressive.' Edwin Banfield (from the foreword)

1 The Beginning
2 Aneroid Movements
3 Restoring Aneroid Barometers
4 Brass-cased and Ship-style Barometers
5 Pocket Barometers
6 Banjo-shaped Aneroid Barometers
7 Other Wall Barometers
8 Shelf, Table and Desk Barometers
9 Continental Barometers
10 Bourdon Barometers
11 Altimeters and Surveying Aneroids
12 Weather Forecasters
Appendix: Summary of Patents

ISBN 978-0-948382-11-6
235 x 155 mm x + 212 pp 305 illus., incl. 16 colour
First published 1998

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