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Barographs (2nd Edition) - Philip R. Collins


It was my aim to portray that most fascinating of instruments – the barograph – using illustrations as examples of the many different types still available. It became almost a detective hunt to trace their development, by inspecting existing instruments and consulting catalogues and patents.

In the second edition of this invaluable reference guide, the author traces the development of the barograph from the earliest recording devices through their heyday in the Victorian period to the instrument we know today. His painstaking and thorough research, drawing on makers’ catalogues and patents, will help readers, collectors and dealers to understand and appreciate the wide variety of barographs still available and assist in dating them. This new edition contains a wealth of information gained by the author over a lifetime of hands-on experience with barographs and includes practical advice on their maintenance and repair.

1 The First Barographs and Self-recording Aneroids
2 Aneroid Barographs pre-1902
3 Aneroid Barographs post-1902
4 Unusual Barographs and Altitude Recorders
5 General Maintenance and Repair
6 Bellows, Nibs, Charts and Ink
Appendix: Summary of Patents

ISBN: 978-0-948382-17-8
235 x 155 mm xii + 180 pp 188 illus.
First published 2021

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