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The Italian Influence on English Barometers from 1780 - Edwin Banfield


The author traces the origins and background of the early Italian migrant barometer makers and indicates how they made their way to Britain. He describes how they managed to set up businesses to make and sell barometers so that, within a very short period, they were able to dominate the British market.

With the help of nearly 200 illustrations of wheel, stick and aneroid barometers, he discusses the Italian influence on style and design. Two chapters cover important Italian makers and one chapter deals exclusively with the partnership of Negretti & Zambra.

1 The Italian Background
2 Early Italian Migrants to Britain
3 Italian Influence on Style and Design
4 Early Italian Makers
5 Later Italian Makers
6 The Partnership of Negretti & Zambra

ISBN: 978-0-948382-07-9
235 x 155 mm 160 pp 193 illus.
First published 1993

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