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Early Nineteenth Century Campaign Travelling Apothecary Box


An early nineteenth century campaign travelling apothecary box.

The box is constructed of mahogany throughout, with brass campaign brass fittings to exterior edges and corners. It has two early style campaign flush handles to either side of the box which gives an indication of its date of manufacture.

The top of the lid has a brass name cartouche bearing the name of the original owner, a Mr William Scott suggesting a non-military use or it may have been used by one of the many ‘Gentleman Volunteers’ that followed the British army in pursuit of a commission.

The interior of the box maintains its original blue silk velvet lining and has eleven sections, each containing its original glass bottle. Most of the stoppers also look to be original with the exception of two or three and all the bottles are free from cracks and damage.

A super example of an early apothecary box.


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