Durham County Council ChekPump Petrol Measures by Wragg Brothers Ltd Essex


Vendor: Jason Clarke Antiques

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For sale, a rare set of four Twentieth century Durham County Council chekpump measures by Wragg Brothers Ltd Essex.

These superbly decorative petrol measures were used to confirm the accuracy of petrol pumps in accordance with Her Majesty’s standards on weights and measures and would ensure that the fuel dispensed from a petrol pump was equal to the amount charged for public use.

Ranging from twenty, ten, five and two litres, these check pump are in complete condition, all are marked with their capacity and with “Durham County Council” to the side

Wragg Brothers limited was established in 1958 by Edward, Richard and William Wragg and they immediately developed a relationship with Colin Chapman of Lotus Cars who commissioned them to manufacture the early bodies for the Lotus 7.

A glorious display set with a great history circa 1960.