A Regency Period Brass Desk-Top Three Drawer Telescope by Dollond with Original Box & Stand


A Regency period brass desk top three drawer telescope by Dollond with original box and stand.  

The mahogany box contains an original trade label for ‘J. Abraham Optician, No 7 Bartlett Street, Bath’. Jacob Abraham moved to Bath in 1800 but did not move to the Bartlett address until 1808 where he was patronised by both the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Wellington. The trade label also mentions Abraham’s new shop in Cheltenham, this new venture started in 1814.  A later trade label (pictured) makes reference to his patrons and it is thought that the Duke of Wellington made a large purchase from Abraham in 1828. The telescopes label does not mention the patronage, therefore, this item can be accurately dated to between 1814 and 1828.

Dollond was the best known of scientific manufacturers during the later Georgian period and is known for top quality manufacture. The famous signature can be found near to the eyepiece with an additional engraving provides details of the original owner, W.C. Elwood, 8 Bennett St, Bath. Bennett St is extremely close to Bartlett Street and additional research may reap further rewards.

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