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Art Deco Period Octette Touch Tip Table Lighter by Ronson


For sale, a magnificent Art Deco period Octette model touch tip table lighter by Ronson.

 Produced between 1935 and 1951, this beautifully streamlined example is comprised of a chrome and stepped base and enamelled body with chromed (blank) cartouche to the centre.

The flint wheel is covered by a crome quarter circle chrome housing typical of those models that were produced from 1942 by Ronson. Next to the flint wheel is the flint button and the lighting wand.

The wand is drawn from the body where it is soaked in lighter fuel and when pressed onto the flint button, it rotates the flint wheel to produce a spark to light the wand. When no longer required, the wand is simply inserted back into its housing and thus extinguishes the flame. An ingenious and very chic design.

This robust lighter (0.45 grams) maintains its green baize base cover and flint screw for replacement. This area is also stamped with, “Ronson, Registered Trade Mark. Touch Tip. Made in England. Patent No’s: 433667 & 821570.

This lighter has been completely overhauled with replacement flints and new wand material and remains in good working order.

Circa 1942

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