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Early Nineteenth Century Brass Octagonal Twelve Blade Medical Scarificator by Evans London


 An early nineteenth century brass octagonal twelve blade medical scarificator or scarifier by Evans of London.

Used as more modern equivalent for leeches in the practice of blood letting, the scarificator was used to make quick incisions into the patient’s skin during the practice of wet cupping. A glass cup would then collect the blood and was seen as a way in which to prevent or cure illness.

This example is presumably manufactured by Evans & Co although it only states “Evans, London” on the side of the case. The company were top end surgical instrument makers and are considered to have been in business from the late seventeenth century all the way through until 1874 although Evans was in partnership from the 1860s until the closure of the company.

This piece is in superbly crisp condition, circa 1840.

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