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Early Nineteenth Century Sedan Clock by Hutchings of Winchester


An early nineteenth century sedan clock by Hutchings of Winchester with later movement.

This super looking little clock is comprised of an ebonised turned case with brass hanging plate and brass back plate. It has a four inch silvered dial with roman numerals, stating the maker’s name Hutchings of Winchester and original convex glass bezel with brass catch.

The movement is a later example and was likely replaced due to the impractical nature of the originals given that they required daily winding.  

Sedan clocks date back to the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and were named after their  use in personal carriages or sedan chairs, effectively an enclosed chair with poles on either side allowing for a wealthy occupant to be carried by two “chairmen”, one at the front and back. These carriages (although their history dates back to the ancient) were popular in the capital and in spa towns of the Georgian era. They are also considered to have been used in horse drawn carriages of the period.

A great looking and useable piece with a price that reflects the replacement movement.

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