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Early Nineteenth Century Ten Inch Dial Mahogany & Satinwood 'Banjo' Wheel Barometer by George Bateman London


An early Nineteenth Century Mahogany and Satinwood inlaid ‘banjo’ wheel barometer with ten inch dial and retailers mark for George Bateman of London.

The four dial combination, the scroll pediment and its elegant shouldered outline above the dial marks this out as an early example and could have been manufactured at any time between 1800 and 1830. As one should expect it contains a hygrometer, a thermometer, a ten inch barometer dial and spirit level with both the hygrometer and the thermometer capable of being removed by way of the brass catches for use in different parts of the residence.

Later examples more regularly contained the convex mirror, a shortened thermometer and a smaller eight inch dial.

The carcase of the barometer is of deal pine with a beautifully figured mahogany veneer highlighted by satinwood border. It is also stamped profusely to the back with the letter ‘W’ which is the makers mark for the case manufacturer however I have been unable to identify the specifics at this time.

Owing to increasing demand during this period the barometer became a stock item for opticians such as Jacob Abraham of Bath and they were regularly advertised on their trade cards along with other various pieces of scientific apparatus that were not manufactured directly by their hands.

We have a library telescope by Dollond in current stock that was retailed by Abraham with a trade card affixed to the box in much the same way as George Bateman originally sold this barometer with his name and location engraved to the spirit level.

I am unable to prove any convincing link at this time but it would be fair to consider some hereditary link with the large twentieth century optician Batemans which was recently enveloped by one of its competitors.

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