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Early Twentieth Century Barograph with Mahogany & Glass Case by O. Comitti & Son, London


An early twentieth century barograph with mahogany and glass case retailed by O Comitti & Son, London.

In good working order this eight chambered aneroid mechanism comes complete with ink receptacle and original key to the Gluck Barograph & Recorder Co Ltd drum movement.

Comitti remain a renowned name in clockmaking and have a history that stems back to the mid nineteenth century when Onorato Comitti emigrated to the UK. The company rose in fame and by the end of the century had received the Diploma of Honour for their clockmaking skills. They did however provide scientific instruments such as barographs and barometers as part of their stock in trade.

Gluck were also a prolific provider of barograph parts to high end scientific instrument manufacturers of the period. Their mechanisms are commonly encountered on Negretti & Zambra barographs.

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