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A Cased Seven Inch "Star Globe Epoch 1975" by Kelvin & Hughes Limited


A cased seven inch “Star Globe Epoch 1975” by Kelvin & Hughes Limited with cream paper gores printed by George Philip & son Limited.

This celestial globe is contained within a fitted case with brass carrying handle with paper label instructions to the inside of the lid. The label states:

“This globe is mounted in a brass meridian circle on steel pins which represent the polar axis. The circle is divided from 0-90 degrees in four quadrants, the zeros being at the pins or poles. The meridian circle is held in the horizon circle by two slots in which it can be turned for setting the latitude.

The horizon circle also carries four vertical quadrants, which are divided from 0-90 degrees to show altitude, and the divided edges are used as index marks by which to read the azimuth on the horizon circle. This system of vertical arcs can be lifted off for convenience in adjusting the globe. Four cursors are provided, two right handed and two left handed which can be mounted and slide on the altitude quadrants.”

Further information on using the globe for night time navigational is provided and the globe shows all the stars in the (abridged) Nautical Almanac (1958) and a number of additional ones.

Kelvin & Hughes Limited are still in existence today and have roots stemming back to the eighteenth century and was formed by the merger of Henry Hughes & Son Ltd & Kelvin, Bottomley & Baird Ltd after the destruction caused by the blitz in World War II.

Both companies in their numerous forms were famed for their production of scientific instruments and they continue to be an important provider to the maritime industry.

George Philip & Son limited was formed by George Philip (cartographer & map publisher) in the early nineteenth century (1834) with his son joining him in the business in 1848. They were prolific providers of maps, atlases, globes and textbook throughout their long history until their eventual buy out in 1987 by Reed International.

The globe is in superb and complete condition, even maintaining its original unsharpened Royal Sovereign chinagraph pencils (for marking on glass, china, acetate & polished surfaces). It is missing one of its left hand cursors which can be seen contained within the lid but one could easily be manufactured should you wish to use it for its intended purpose.

A superb little celestial globe and an interesting addition to a collection. A version of this globe is held at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich in London.

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