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A George III Mahogany Stick Barometer by John Webb of 408 Oxford Street, London


A George III period mahogany stick barometer by John Webb of 408 Oxford Street, London.

Typical of the early nineteenth century with pine case and mahogany veneers, swan necked pediment and fixed glass case protecting the silvered register plate and vernier. The ivory setting knob below is used to adjust the vernier and the cistern is protected by a circular mahogany cover plate.

John Webb is listed as an optician and mathematical and philosophical instrument maker who was active from 1800 – 1847.

He traded from various locations throughout his career allowing for fairly accurate dating of his instruments:

327 Oxford Street – 1800

403 Oxford Street – 1805

408 Oxford Street – 1808

192 Tottenham Court Road – 1809

29 Frances Street, Tottenham Court Road – 1834

Given the above, the instrument was manufactured and sold by Webb in 1808 and a number of his trade cards are still held in the collections at the Science Museum in London.

In good condition and in good working order.

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