An Early Victorian Gothic Revival Cast Iron Stick Stand Dated 1861


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An early Victorian Gothic Revival cast iron Stick Stand dated 1861

This superb quality casting is good enough to rival the quality of Colebrookdale and is representative of the fashion for Gothic styling that Pugin had revived with his work in the 1840’s, most notably recognised in his winning design for the new Houses of Parliament. This revival was key to the rise in the Arts & Crafts movement lead by such luminaries as William Morris and John Ruskin and their desire to move away from the southern European Classical styles of the eighteenth century.

Rarely encountered with this type of quality and preservation, the stand has been repainted to save it from the elements. The lozenge marks allow accurate date of manufacture to the 25th of March 1861. It also has numerous pattern registration marks which deserve further research to understand this company’s heritage.