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Barometers: Stick or Cistern Tube - Edwin Banfield


This book, together with its two companion volumes, Barometers: Aneroid and Barographs and Barometers: Wheel or Banjo, form an extended and comprehensive version of Edwin Banfield's popular guide, Antique Barometers: An Illustrated Survey.

The author traces the history of cistern or stick, angle, marine, station, Fitzroy and two-liquid barometers, with the help of nearly 300 illustrations, and gives advice on how they should be handled and maintained. Most types of cistern barometer still available are illustrated and the book contains useful information to assist in dating them.

1 Weather Forecasting
2 Late Stuart, William & Mary and Queen Anne, 1660-1714
3 Early Georgian, 1714-60
4 Late Eighteenth Century, 1760-1800
5 Regency and William IV, 1800-37
6 Victorian, 1837-1901
7 Angle Tube Barometers
8 Marine Barometers
9 Standard, Station and Scientific Barometers
10 Mountain and Balloonist's Barometers
11 Double- and Multiple-tube Barometers
12 Sympiesometers
13 Admiral Fitzroy Barometers
14 Other Cistern Barometers
15 Care of the Stick or Cistern Tube Barometer

ISBN: 978-0-948382-00-0
235 x 155 mm vii + 246 pp 296 illus.
First published 1985
Reprinted 1996

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