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Early Twentieth Century Campaign Roorkhee Chair with Transit Bag


An original early twentieth century campaign roorkhee chair with transit bag stencilled with the name O. Brooke.

This rare chair given the style of the stencil markings was probably bought and used during the first or second world wars. The construction is comprised of eight turned teak struts with two sections for the front legs with straps and integrated hooks for the canvas arms and two back legs with attached backrest struts. The final four pieces resembling double ended cricket stumps are used to brace and frame the chair. It maintains it original canvas backrest and seat which is stamped with the owner’s name, O. Brookes as is the canvas transit bag that remains with the piece.

Inventing during the Boer war period, these chairs were typical of the new lightweight campaign furniture required for these fast paced and mobile campaigns. They became a stock item for the Army & Navy Co-Operative Society and continued to be used throughout the Second World War. The chair was invented in India and was named after the headquarters of the Indian Army Corps in Roorkhee.

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