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Early Victorian Mahogany Folding Bagatelle Table with Original Sliding Table Base


An early Victorian full size mahogany folding bagatelle table with original table base.

This luxury nineteenth century example of a bagatelle table is comprised of a folding table with original baize and painted, numbered scoring cups. Once folded, it has a mahogany end plate to enclose the table for storage and original lock and replacement key. The base is comprised of a two section frame that allows for the table to be lengthened for play and shortened when the table is not in use making it simpler to store between use. It is completed with four robust and beautifully turned mahogany legs reminiscent of the work of Holland & Sons.

The table comes complete with a set of balls and two queues (modern replacements) and also an original set of arches with wonderful sign written numerals to the front. The arch was used in numerous variants of the game during the period.

There are a numerous different games and rules that were used in bagatelle during the Victorian period but primarily the game was played with the black ball placed on the middle spot and once the black has been struck, the rest of the player’s balls are played down the table in an attempt to pot in as many cups as possible. The numerals within each cup will denote the score and the game is played until one player reaches a score of 120. Other derivatives allow for reductions of opponent’s points and hitting of other balls prior to potting but they all have the same basic principles.

 The game of bagatelle was at its most popular during the late eighteenth century and through the nineteenth century and examples can be found in trade catalogues during the period. William Smee in the 1830’s provides an example not too dissimilar in basic intent from the piece presented (see image). Bagatelle still remains a popular game in some quarters of the country where thriving and competitive leagues still exist.

A truly excellent example of a bagatelle table on stand which is easily stored and can be used as a functional piece of furniture when not in use.

Circa 1860

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