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Early Victorian Set of Apothecary Scales


For sale, an early Victorian set of apothecary scales.

This super beam scale is comprised of a two part brass upright column, the beautifully turned rear section which is screwed into the brass triangular threaded section on the base and the front which is held against it by means of two collars at the top and bottom. The front column terminates at its tip in a scroll type design and holds the beam by means of a pin. The suspended beam arm and the pointer are equally well turned with minute accuracy and to beautiful effect. The scale is further fitted with a lever to the base of the central column to allow the brass scale pans to be suspended or rested on the deck for ease of use when preparing.

The base is of mahogany with inclusive drawer to allow for stowing of the balance pans when in transit. The pans and the beam arm would be removed, packed into the drawer and the column can then be unscrewed from the base.

This scale is sadly unmarked has likely lost its paper trade label over the years but the quality of the workmanship makes it stand on its own merits. It comes with a later nest of troy weights.

Circa 1840

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