Early Victorian Upholstered Tub Chair with Mahogany Legs & Castors


Vendor: jasonclarkeltd - Antique Vintage Decor

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A beautifully shaped early Victorian upholstered tub chair with scroll arms, mahogany turned legs and brass castors.

This chair dating to the late 1830’s or early 1840’s is a superb example of the period. Tub chairs such as these were a development from the curricle shaped chairs that gained popularity during the Regency period which themselves developed from the horse cart shapes favoured by young and wealthy gentlemen. By this time, both the rigid chariot lines of the body and the leg shapes had softened and this chair marks the final development of the classical form before the great revival of historical styles took place in British design.    

Recovered in understated aniseed ticking this robust and comfortable chair is a great representation of the style. Most tub chairs on today’s market are of a much later date.