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French Victorian Atmos Barometer


For sale, a French Atmos Barometer.

This very unusual style of aneroid barometer is contained within a mahogany case with glazed front and brass carrying handle to the top. The double capsule aneroid movement inside is placed upon a solid brass base with turned brass supports and pointer hand attached to the right hand side of the mechanism reminiscent of a barograph movement. The indicator hand is also attached at the same place and can be operated up and down by a small lever that protrudes to the outside of the case.

The left handside of the instrument holds a silvered continental scale measuring 72 to 77 cms of barometric pressure, with weather indications in the Czech language and the name “Atmos barometer” below. A second silvered scale is placed to the back of the righthandside which supports two miniature curved thermometers reading for both Celcius and Reamur. It is again engraved with “Atmos Batometer” and the retailer’s name, “J Tessaro of Prague”. Below this are the French patent stamps of Brevete SGDG which were a requirement of French goods which were to be exported out of the country during the period.

Surprisingly, there is little understanding of who produced these interesting and uniquely designed instruments. We know of course that the maker’s were French from the Brevete markings on every extant example and although less practical, they must have proved popular for a period of time as they appear in two different designs. The other with a slightly different scale arrangement.

 This example is even more unusual in that it was produced for the Czech market and it is the only one of the few I have seen, produced for a market other than the UK.

A very scarce and hugely interesting barometer, circa 1880.

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