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George III Period Boxed Set of Guinea Scales by Edward Phillips, St Martin's Le Grand, London


An eighteenth century boxed set of guinea scales by Edward Phillips, St Martins Le Grand, London.

This rare and early set of guinea scales is comprised of an original oak box with wire hinged lid and an original trade maker’s label affixed. The label states, “All sorts of Scales, Weights & Steelyards made by Edward Phillips. Mould Makers Row, St Martin’s Le Grand, London.” To the centre it has a cartouche with a bird and a floral surround and various weights and values of coins of the period. Within the box is a further handwritten note outlining the values of coins predating George the Third’s reign and those up to the year 1772. This note is in two pieces but remains complete.

The interior contains a hand held beam scale with a number of associated weights and the base still retains some remnants of the original baize interior.

From information held at the Guildhall Library, the manufacturer Edward Phillips is known to have been working from 1763 to 1781, he was apprenticed to a William Brind in 1755 and was made a freeman of the Blacksmith’s Guild in 1763. Phillips is also mentioned in the Middlesex Legal Sessions papers of February 1772 where he is documented as providing bail funds to a William Piper (butcher) and a Thomas Cole (Stone Mason) both residing in Hampton. He is listed in the papers as a “Scale Beam Maker”.

These boxed guinea scale sets are rarely seen with their original trade labels and this is a very early set. A superb and very collectible piece.

Circa 1772

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