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George III Period Four Part Military Map of Spain & Portugal by William Faden London


An enormous four part map of Spain & Portugal by Jasper Nantiat and published by William Faden in 1810.

This four art folding map with original slip case is entitled, “A New Map of Spain & Portugal Exhibiting The Chains of Mountains with their Passes, The Principal & Cross Roads with other Details Requisite for the Intelligence of Military Operations Compiled by Jasper Nantiat” and was published by William Faden during the Napoleonic Wars to assist commanders during the Peninsula War whilst on operations in the field.

In fact the map is mentioned in the Peninsular War letters of John Rous of the Coldstream Guards who was in the Iberian Peninsula between 1812 & 1814. He states, “Sir George Collier is off to San Sebastien and intends to send a ship with letters to England tomorrow morning, I therefore take this opportunity of scribbling a few lines. You will be surprised to see from what place I have dated my letter, only three miles from San Sebastian and three leagues from the frontier town Yrun (Irun). I am not sure I have spelt Yrun or Ernam right, but the places are spelt so on Faden’s map”. The town mentioned can be seen on the images provided.

The images provided picture some of the centres of operations and where famous battles took place during the Peninsula War. These actions in the Iberian Peninsula and Napoleon’s disastrous campaign in Russia led to the initial victory over the French. Napoleon’s subsequently returned from exile and was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.   

William Faden (1749 – 1836) was a leading map seller and cartographer of the period and was the geographer to his Royal Highness (George III) and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (George IV). His most famous works were a volume of English county maps and a volume of work covering North America. The business was taken over by James Wyld following Faden’s death where this map remained in print. It was also printed in a smaller one sheet format.   

In superb condition, the map has been professionally framed and the accompanying slip case has also been enclosed in a matching shadow box.  

The map measures 155cms in length and is 112cms high.

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