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Georgian Cased Desk Magnifier or Map Magnifier


For sale, a Georgian cased desk or map magnifier.

This super example is comprised of a one and three quarter inch brass barrel with a one and a half inch convex lens capsule with knurled brass edges screwed into each end. The barrel is covered in a tooled Morocco leather, both this and the brass lacquer remain in superb condition throughout.

The magnifier is enclosed in its original two-part card and Morocco leather covered case with original blue silk vevet interior.

Sadly this example is unmarked but the quality is of the best order. Most antique desk magnifiers seen on the market today are actually lenses from magic lanterns and although they are perfectly suited for the job, it is rare to find an example which was intentionally produced for the purpose.

A rare survivor in superb condition and which remains supremely useful if your eyesight is degrading as quickly as mine!

Circa 1820  

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