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Large Early Victorian Wall Thermometer in Architectural Mahogany Case


For sale, a large Early Victorian wall thermometer in architectural mahogany case.

This magnificent example is comprised of a seventeen and a half inch silvered scale set behind a glazed front and beautifully engraved with both Fahrenheit and Centigrade readings and a chevron motif running its full circumference.

The beautifully executed casework provides a classical column either side of the scale with brass Corinthian capitals and brass graduated feet. Both the plinths and the columns are inlaid with brass fluting. The case is crested with a classical broken arch pediment with central pillar all with similar brass inlay and is completed with a brass urn shaped finial. The base is similarly inlaid and is curved and graduated in numerous layer down to a point.

A highly unusual and decorative wall thermometer and large enough in size to compete with a barometer, measuring 75cms in height and 22cms at its widest point across the pediment. Somewhat strange to find no evidence of an associated maker’s name on the scale or the case but nevertheless, a superb and imposing example.

Circa 1840

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