Large Edwardian Cased Taxidermy Pike by Percival Mountney of Bristol


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A large Edwardian taxidermy pike in ebonised wood and bow fronted glass case.

Lovely example of the species with paper label inside the case stating that the fish was, “caught by W.C. Everson in Bridgewater Canal. December 27th 1910. 

The pike was mounted by the celebrated taxidermist Percival Mountney who was at that point trading in Bristol’s Park Street, a remnant of his original trade label is retained to the reverse of the case. Mountney was both taxidermist and museum curator and amongst others, he worked for The Booth Museum in Brighton and for Charterhouse School.

Given Mountney's place of business, it is likely that the 'Bridgewater Canal' mentioned within the case is today's Bridgewater & Taunton Canal rather than the similarly named Bridgewater Canal in Manchester.

Please note, the glass at either end has a small corner crack but given its stability I have maintained the originality of the piece. If the purchaser wished to have them replaced I could easily arrange.