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Large Eighteenth Century Mahogany Zograscope


For sale, a large scale late Eighteenth Century Georgian mahogany zograscope.

Comprised of a nine inch turned mahogany base with concentric circle detailing. A twelve inch high turned wooden column with threaded end is screwed into the base and supports the zograscope frame which is inserted into the centre of the column and height adjusted by means of a mahogany screw key to the side.

The frame holds a 9 x 7 inch mirror with original silvering still intact and in front is a second frame holding a large 4 and a half inch double convex lens. Both frames are decorated with Sheraton type ebony and satinwood boundary inlay with star type motifs leading the eye to the centre of the lens.

This is a very large example, measuring 67cms at its lowest height and about 80cms when safely extended. The base also has a circle of lead inlaid into its underside to ensure that the instrument remains stable. A nice design touch

The zograscope (or zogroscope) was considered high technology during this the late Georgian period. Using the integral double convex magnifying lens, the mirror plate was angled to reflect specially conceived prints on a flat surface that when viewed through the lens would create an illusion of depth within the picture.

The lens is in superb condition with some mild foxing and loss to the silvering of the mirror plate, however it does not affect the use of this authentic piece.

Circa 1780

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