Late Eighteenth Century Hepplewhite Period Mahogany Wingback Chair


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A beautiful Eighteenth Century Hepplewhite period Mahogany Wingback chair.

The wingback has a long history with pictorial and museum examples dating back to the Seventeenth Century. The style with its extended shoulders is thought to have been developed as a means of keeping out draughts in houses with little more than a fireplace to keep them heated, although some French examples are dubbed as “confessional” suggesting a means to keep conversations private between individuals. The former explanation seems to have been the more likely reason for their manufacture in England as the barrel back style is also known as a Hall Porters chair, allowing the poor individual some comfort whilst sitting and waiting to receive guests in inclement conditions.

This well-proportioned Georgian example is of the barrel back design with the straight and unfussy Mahogany leg style associated with the late Eighteenth Century. Most others encountered on the market hail from the early to mid-Nineteenth Century.

Completely re-upholstered in a homely checked woollen fabric, it gives the chair a contemporary feel whilst also maintaining its appropriate Eighteenth Century shape and proportions.

A lovely early example circa 1780 – 1800.