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Late Nineteenth Century French Cased Medical Cupping Set


A late nineteenth century French cased medical cupping set.

The nickel plated set is complete with its typical French barrel shaped scarificator for creating a fine incision to the patient’s skin, four original glass cups with attached release valves and original hand pump and hose attachment. The hose and pump would be attached to the glass cups and a vacuum would be created between the cup and the patient’s skin. The effect of the vacuum would draw blood from the patient and when the required amount of blood was collected, the valve on the cup would be released to allow the cup to be removed.

The process described above is names wet cupping due to the act of drawing blood from the patient although an alternative method known as dry cupping could be used as an alternative. This involves the same process without the incision to the patient.

Although this set is unmarked, it is typical of the period and maintains its original satinwood box and red velvet lined interior. An interesting and complete continental set.

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