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Late Nineteenth Century Stationary Steam Engine Model


For sale, a late Nineteenth Century Stationary Steam Engine Model.

This fabulous scratch built example is presented on its original painted wooden base with cup handles to either end and built upon a heavy steel plate.

The engine is comprised of a single cylinder driving a ten inch cast iron flywheel with a Watt regulator. The flywheel in turn drives a water feed pump with an adjustable eccentric which assits in regulating and pumping water through a feed water heater situated at the back of the engine. This heater would be filled with water and heated by the exhausted steam from the back of the main cylinder running through pipes in the centre of the tank. The heated water would then be pumped back to the boiler thus providing a source of heated water to top it up and reducing the requirement for cold water to be added to the system. This latter function would of course lead to greater efficiency for the engine overall and is seldom seen on most extant model examples.

The engine has not been aesthetically restored in terms of its paintwork, although the components have been stripped, cleaned throughout and provided with replacement gaskets. It has also been checked and run on compressed air.

An early and interesting example circa 1880

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