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Late Victorian Brass Cased Aneriod Barometer by Joseph Sewill, 61 South Castle Street, Liverpool


A quality late Victorian aneroid barometer by J. Sewill of 61 South Castle Street, Liverpool.

The mechanism is enclosed within a brass case and 5 inch glazed bezel with integral pointer. The paper dial remains in original condition with some historic light foxing commensurate with age.

Joseph Sewill was a famed watch and chronometer maker employed by the Royal Navy throughout this period as can be seen from the inscription to the front of the intricately painted paper dial reading, “Maker to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty” and the anchor stamp with the letters DC to the back of the brass case. A picture of the shop premises in the mid 1870’s also describes Sewill as “manufacturer to Her Majesty’s Royal Navy”.

Considered to be the property of a former Liverpool harbour master the barometer remains in good working order. A very well made example from a prestigious Victorian maker.

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