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Late Victorian French Terrestrial Globe on Cast Iron Base by J. Lebegue & Cie, Paris


A quality late Victorian French Globe on decorative cast iron base by leading Paris Globe Publishers, J. Lebegue & Cie.

This thirteen and a half inch diameter terrestrial globe (globe terrestre) is constructed from a plaster base sphere covered with chromolithographed paper gores showing countries, cities and topographical details. Further detail relating to international rail routes, shipping lines and undersea telegraphic cables makes this a rather interesting example. The tripod base with its lion paw feet and moustachioed faces provide a lovely alternative to the turned wood examples which are more commonly encountered during this period.

Lebegue produced numerous models of globes during the late nineteenth century including those by Bardot and Dubail but sadly the shop in Paris is now inhabited by a kitchen appliance showroom.

The trade label on the globe reads:

"Globe Terrestre

J. Lebegue & Cie

Editeurs, 50 Rue de Lille 30, Paris

Chemin de fer Internationaux

Lignes de navigation a vapeur

Cables sous marines

Plantes Marines."

Some minor historic restoration can be seen within South America

Circa 1880

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