Late Victorian Mahogany Rent Table or Drum Table


Vendor: jasonclarkeltd - Antique Vintage Decor

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A late Victorian mahogany rent table.

This handsome and good sized table is constructed from mahogany throughout with square sectioned pediment base containing a base cupboard with working lock and key. The circular top rotates on the base and has four drawers with brass neo-classical handles. Each drawer is painted with two letters of the alphabet (for example A – F). The tabletop is complete with brown leather circular skiver with a central mahogany hinged lid and flush pull handle covering a square receptacle.

The history of the rent table began in the late eighteenth century and probably came into fashion during the golden age of country house building. The table was considered to have been used by an estate owner to store documents relating to the properties on his land. The alphabetical markings on the drawers would allow the user to file documents relating to the names of the properties and the circular motion of the table would allow the user to access the various files without having to move from his seat. It is further thought that the central receptacle may have been used to contain collection monies when the tenant arrived to pay his monthly rent.    

This is a really super looking example and at a reasonable size for use in today’s living spaces. It could be used as a centre piece to a hall or could be equally useful as an office or library writing table.