Louis XVI Revival Giltwood Footstool by Gillows circa 1850


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A Louis XVI revival giltwood footstool by Gillows circa 1850

This beautifully carved footstool is with its fluted legs, ribbon motif rails and floral paterae has all the traits of this significant furniture manufacturer. The gilding has worn to a superb patina showing traces of red bolle base layer in recognition of the French preference for the colour.

Although Gillows was trading during the reign of Louis XVI, this footstool is of a later manufacture, owing to the maker’s marks present on the piece. Susan E. Stuart in her inciteful book on Gillow’s furniture provides a similar furniture mark relating to the 1850’s which would fit perfectly with the revival styles that became prominent through the early Victorian periods of furniture manufacture.

A superb period piece and a chance to own a piece of mid-century Gillows furniture at a reasonable price in a rising market. This footstool has been sympathetically reupholstered as the original fabric as not present.