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Mid Twentieth Century Spaceage Desk Thermometer on Stand by Smiths of London


For sale, an unusual mid Twentieth Century metallic desk thermometer on stand by Smiths of London.

This relic of the spaceage is styled as a disc raised upon a painted metal stand. The thermometer body is comprised of moulded plastic with front clear viewing panel through which the scale can be seen. The scale in its main position provided a Fahrenheit reading with colour graduation to denote ambient temperature but the body of the thermometer can also be rotated to an upright position on the stand where a centigrade reading is also provided.

The metal base bears the maker’s name Smiths to the front of the stand.

Smiths was created by Samuel Smith Junior in 1871 in The Strand London and grew throughout the early Twentieth Century to become one of the largest suppliers of domestic clocks to the Brtish market. It also provided clocks and dial instruments to the newly created automotive market and the company remains a provider of these products to prestige car brands to this day.

An interesting design reminiscent of the fascination with space travel that grew during the 1950’s throughout the world.

Circa 1950

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