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Mid-Victorian Rosewood Stick Barometer by Newton & Co, 3 Fleet Street, London


A mid-Victorian rosewood stick barometer by Newton & Co, 3 Fleet Street, London.

Known variously as agricultural, cottage or farmer’s barometers, this style became popularised in the 1850’s by Casella and was copied by all of the top makers of the period including Newton and Negretti & Zambra. It was designed to be more light and portable than their predecessors for use in varying places around the household or for outside use in glasshouses.

Using Admiral Fitzroy’s weather scale the engraved bone plate also contains both a thermometer and pressure readings from 27 to 31 inches and is affixed to a solid rosewood base and cistern cover.

The combination of the thermometer and the barometer were considered to allow for more accurate forecasting of changes in the weather for agricultural purposes.

Newton & Co have a long and distinguished history dating back to the start of the eighteenth century, the founder being a cousin of Sir Isaac Newton. Their heyday, however was during Queen Victoria’s reign where from the 1850’s they were situated at their Fleet Street address and continued to trade there until the early part of the twentieth century. They were scientific instrument makers to the Queen and were prize medal winners at the Great Exhibition.

A fine example in good working order.  

Circa 1875   

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