Nineteenth Century Circular Pearlware Number 20 Bin End Label for Farrow & Jackson, London


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A nineteenth century circular pearlware wine label or bin end label printed with the number “20” manufactured for Farrow & Jackson.

The front of the label is printed with the number twenty and overglazed. The reverse is stamped “Farrow & Jackson London”.

Used by vineyards, wine merchants or for country house cellars, these labels were required for ensuring that unmarked bottles were correctly categorised whilst in storage or just to provide guidance for sectioned areas of a cellar. They were nailed or hooked directly onto wine racks. The numbers in this instance would have been used to denote a rack number or for a batch number.

Farrow and Jackson, (famous wine merchant & spirit merchants and general engineers for the drinks industry) ordinarily used Wedgwood to manufacture its bin end labels but the lack of any markings would suggest that the firm had found an alternative source of supply.

It is difficult to date this label owing to the lack of dating evidence but I would suggest that it is a late nineteenth century example following their move away from Wedgwood.

Farrow & Jackson was founded in 1798 and was based at 16 Great Tower Street, London and continued in business into the latter part of the twentieth century.

Circa 1880 – 1900