Pair of Large Victorian Chemist Window Display Carboys / Apothecary Jars


A rare pair of large Victorian glass chemist carboys or Apothecary jars.

Originating as shop window advertising for pharmacists, these carboys look fantastic for interior display especially if they are backlit as originally intended. Their history dates back to the seventeenth century where the carboy was used to distinguish pharmacists from apothecaries. They continued to rise in popularity throughout the nineteenth century and were commonly accentuated by the use of gaslights placed behind them. These particular examples are engraved with the “12” and “13” to their necks, suggesting they were once part of a much larger display.

Some clouding present to the lids owing to the effects of evaporation over the years and some aged repairs to the stopper ends but all perfectly serviceable and in good working order.

These are very large examples, please see the second picture for perspective.


Height (first carboy): 72cms

Height (second carboy): 70cms

Width (both): 35cms

The difference in height is due to the size of the stoppers

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