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Pair of Victorian Blown Glass Chemist Carboys or Apothecary Jars


For sale a rare pair of large Victorian blown glass chemist carboys or Apothecary jars with original cut glass faceted stoppers.

Originating as shop window advertising for pharmacists, these carboys look fantastic for interior display especially if they are backlit and filled with coloured water as originally intended. Their history dates back to the seventeenth century where the carboy was used to distinguish pharmacists from apothecaries.

They continued to rise in popularity throughout the nineteenth century and were commonly accentuated by the use of gaslights placed behind them.

These particular examples originated from a pharmacy in George Street, Barton Upon Humber and they remained there until 2004 until it was finally bought out by the Boots Pharmacy chain.


Height: 60cms

Diameter: 40cms

Note: One of the stoppers has some chips to its base but this is completely unnoticeable when it is inserted into the neck of the carboy (please see images).


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