Regency Mahogany & Inlaid Library Pembroke Table with Writing Slide & Pen Drawer


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A superb Regency mahogany and inlaid library Pembroke table with integral writing slide and pen drawer and country house provenance.

This large Regency table is made from the finest mahogany with reeded surround moulding to the top and extensive ebony inlay with Classical and Greek key motifs to the drawers, through the square single pillar support and terminating down the splayed quatrefoil base.

In separation from its normal counterparts, this piece has a single drawer to either end. The first containing divided sections appropriate for paperwork and storage whilst the other side containing both a writing slide with replacement red leather skiver over a pen drawer that can be slid from the side of the drawer whilst the writing surface is in use.

A most unusual addition, this piece of dual purpose furniture is testament to the changing use of domestic rooms around the turn of the nineteenth century and the relaxation of etiquette that took place. Libraries and drawing rooms within country houses increasingly became mixed use areas often being divided by doors that could be swung open according to requirement. This piece of furniture reflects perfectly that change and the development can be evidenced in the amusing Regency diaries of Prince Puckler-Muskau. Library activities such as letter writing became increasingly social activities so although rarely encountered it is not strange to see this kind of enhancement in furniture manufacture taking place.

This is a pure Regency piece originally forming part of the contents of Heneage Court in South Gloucestershire. Somewhat reminiscent of the work of George Bullock, this piece could not have been conceived before the release of Thomas Hope’s great work in 1807 and is unlikely to have been manufactured beyond 1820 where successive revival styles began to take hold in Britain.