Set of Four Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs with Carved Splats & Turned Legs


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A set of four George IV mahogany dining chairs with carved splats and turned legs

This magnificent set of chairs has been manufactured from the finest mahogany with beautifully stylised acanthus leave carved splats. The set has been reupholstered in a sympathetic Regency stripe which shows of the wood to full effect.

Chairs such as these typify the transition from the Regency Trafalgar chair with its rounded backrest taking on more of a softer appearance. The shape of the chair remains largely the same as its predecessors but the turned legs give away its slightly later pedigree. The plain ball design is a common feature from the mid 1820’s onwards and can be seen in the designs of many prominent retailers and designers of the period. Miles & Edwards, Thomas King and William Smee all created similar features. The example shown is from William Smee’s designs for Furniture and although this image maintains its rectangular backrest, you can see the development of the leg style through the 1820’s through to the 1840’s.  

Smee describes them as:

“Stout Honduras Mahogany Chair Frames”

Circa 1825 - 1830