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Set of Victorian Dairy Beam Scales by W&T Avery with Brass Weights


A large set of Victorian Dairy beam scales by W&T Avery with weights.

Originally for shop use, these scales would have been situated on counter fronts for use in weighing anything from cheese or meats and are increasingly hard to find in such good condition.

This example has a brass column support with superbly cast finial with honeysuckle motifs. The brass beam culminated with a ceramic scale plate bearing the manufacturers name to one side and a cast iron balancing bowl with brass weights. (please note, brass weights are not original to the scales) 

W&T Avery were the foremost company making weighing machines during the nineteenth century. With a rich history reaching back into the early eighteenth it was not until the 1818 when William & Thomas Avery renamed the company and made it into the name recognised today. Their success was so great that the company owned three manufacturing plants within the Birmingham area. It was finally consumed by GEC in the late seventies. 

Circa 1880

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