Tooled Leather & Gilt Brass Jewellery Box with Velevet Interior and Bramah Lock by CR Christie of Edinburgh


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An exquisite jewellery box with tooled leather exterior, fire gilded engraved brasswork with original Bramah lock and key by CR Christie of Edinburgh.

This high quality box opens up to a three tier blue velvet lined interior. The top layer providing support for a watch and various necklace compartments whilst the second layer is comprised of six sections. Both removable sectioned are also comprised of velvet and leather with a silk base.

As should be expected of a box of this calibre, the lock is manufactured by the prestigious London locksmith Bramah which still retains its original key. The hinges and lock furniture have all been superbly engraved with decorative floral motifs to mimic the exterior brasswork.

Little information is known about the firm of CR Christie. Not to be confused with the prominent Edinburgh jewellers, this company resided at the George Street address throughout the 1880’s and 1890’s as evidenced through Post Office records. The business is listed as, “Stationer, Pocket Book, Despatch Box and Dressing Case Maker”. Owing to the quality of the workmanship, the business is certainly worthy of further research.