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Very Large French Victorian Black Marble Clock with Square Plate Movement & Ting Tang Quarter Strike - CJ Hancock London


A very large French Victorian black marble clock with eight day square plate movement, heavy pendulum and ting tang strike on the quarters. The movement is stamped ‘G.V. 157’ denoting the Paris manufacturer Gay Vicarino & Co.

The clock has additional retailer’s mark to the ceramic dial for CJ Hancock, Westbourne Grove. London but little information exists for the company. The road itself was developed in the mid nineteenth century and was home to the likes of Thomas Hardy during the 1860’s, CJ Hancock was most likely a jeweller’s establishment and would have sought to capitalise on the surrounding wealth.

At this time, black marble or black slate clocks are assumed to have become fashionable in the UK following the death of Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert in 1861, however they remained a staple design for the following two decades.

Recently fully serviced by a certified horologist, it is in superb running order. A small hairline crack is visible within the blue glass but remains completely serviceable. It is in itself an unusual detail and clocks of this kind are also seldom encountered in this size and with a ting tang movement.


Height: 36cms

Width at base: 30cms

Width at top: 26cms

Depth at base: 17cms

Depth at top: 15cms

Circa 1865 - 1875

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