Very Rare Model: Late Victorian Campaign Chest


For sale, a very rare and unusual campaign chest dating to the late Nineteenth Century.

This three drawer chest believed to be of teak or fruitwood is surrounded by an ebonised carcase with integral iron carrying handles and reinforcements to the corners & edges.

The development allowed for the chest to be transported without the need for an additional packing case as was normal in the construction of earlier chests.

Threaded holes are present around the outside of the front of the carcase which would have allowed for a wooden shield screen to be screwed to the front, thus protecting the drawers whilst in transit.

The drawers are complete with original brass handles and each drawer front is impressed with the numbers, "464". The stamps would suggest that the chest was manufactured by "Army & Navy" towards the end of the Victorian Period.

A fascinating late development to the campaign chest form and we would suggest that it may have been more suited to a naval officer due to the weight of the piece, making it useful aboard ship for keeping in situ.

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