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Victorian Early Vidie Style Brass Cased Aneroid Barometer by Dubois & Casse, France


A mid-Victorian brass cased early Vidie style aneroid barometer by Dubois & Casse, France.

This super wall barometer has a 4.5 inch silvered dial and curved Fahreheit thermometer to the bottom section. The dial is engraved with the words, “aneroid barometer to the top and “Fahreheit’s scale” to the bottom above the serial number “13034”. The weather indications are standard for early Vidie barometers and are the predecessor to the later Admiral Fitzroy readings that are more commonly seen today. The mechanism is enclosed in a quality pressed brass case and bezel with the makers mark DC surrounding an anchor. The movement is a typical Vidie movement of around 1865 recognisable for the two square headed bolts for adjusting the calibration of the aneroid movement.

Made for the UK retail market Dubois & Casse were quality makers of aneroid barometers in the mid to late nineteenth century. Lucien Vidie invented the aneroid barometer in 1843 and held the patent rights until 1859, thereafter a number of British and French manufacturers began to retail his mechanism. Dubois & Casse were one of these firms and the quality of the workmanship from the case to the mechanism is evident. The barometer bears great similarity to the early Vidie barometers designed and manufactured for the inventor by the famous English clockmaker, EJ Dent.

Circa 1860-1865

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