Victorian Mahogany & Kingwood Banded Roll Top Pedestal Desk by Waring & Gillows


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A superior quality Victorian mahogany and kingwood banded roll top pedestal desk by Waring & Gillows.

This nine drawer desk contains numerous pigeon holes and two further small drawers to the top and still maintains its original hinged pen tray and ink well holders. The multi sectioned tambour top maintains the same attention to detail that you would expect from this maker with each section having a single inlayed kingwood band running horizontally across.

Furthermore, the desk contains an internal mechanism whereby the drawers in the pedestal will simultaneously lock when the tambour top is shut and locked. It comes with original key and Waring and Gillows escutcheon.

The respective companies of Warings of Liverpool and Gillows joined forces in 1897 following the latter firm encountering financial difficulties at the end of the nineteenth century. They didn’t however consummate the partnership fully until 1903. Gillow’s history is well known with the company’s formation stretching back to the early eighteenth century. Warings of Liverpool were of a similar pedigree and had a reputation for quality although their expansion was largely down to the founder’s son in the 1880’s. His separate building operation was responsible for the Liverpool Corn Exchange, Selfridges and the Ritz.

Given that the stamped escutcheon has Waring as the lead company and that later Waring & Gillows marks contain the “by appointment to the king” wording, it is most likely that this piece dates to the period where the companies were less closely related during the final years for Queen Victoria’s reign.

Circa 1897 - 1903