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Victorian Microscopy Candle Light Shade in Original Case


For sale, a quality mid Nineteenth Century microscopy candle light shade in original case.

Comprised in three parts, the base swivels open to create a four footed stand in a cross pattern into which the pillar is screwed. The Pillar contains three telescopeic tubes in order to adjust the height and the end has a hinged joint which will allow the fan to be inserted and angled as required.

Known for their fragility, this green silk fan is perhaps the most complete and undamaged example I have encountered.

The red leather case is in equally good condition with red leather exterior and brass catch and a red velvet interior. All parts of the fan fold flat and can be contained within to making it a supremely portable piece of equipment.

There are sadly no visible makers or retailers marks but identical examples are known to have been sold by London makers. It is therefore likely that these were imported from France. The case certainly has continental charactersitics.

A very well preserved example of its type.

Circa 1850

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