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Victorian Set of London County Glass Measures by The York Glass Co Ltd


For sale, a superb Victorian set of London County Council standard glass measures for 1898 by the York Glass Company Limited.

Contained in a fitted and red velvet lined mahogany case, the set comprises of six tall glass beakers with an additional set of four glass pipettes all etched with scales, various exchequer marks and company marks.

The set comprises of the following which are all stamped with dates for 1899, 1909, 1919 & 1930 and with the YG & Co emblem for York Glass:

1000 cubic centilitres

 500 cubic centilitres

200 cubic centilitres

100 cubic centilitres

50 cubic centilitres

20 cubic centilitres

10 cubic centilitres x 2

60 cubic millilitres x 2 (please note there is a small hairline crack to one of these but it is just at the top and it remains solid and intact)

These scales would have been used during the period by county inspectors all over the country to enforce UK standards for weights and measures on traders.

The York Flint Glass Company Limited was established in 1835 by John spence and specialised in producing accurate measures for medical, pharmaceutical and of course Governmental requirements. It continued uner this name until 1930 whereafter, it was incorporated as The National Glass Works (York). It finally became Redfearn National Glass in 1967 and continued to trade until 1983.

A super Victorian set in extremely good condition.

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