Victorian Velvet Upholstered Walnut Wingback Armchair in the Charles II Style


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A Victorian Velvet upholstered Walnut Wingback Armchair in the late Seventeenth Century style.

The Victorian’s were partial to reviving earlier design styles be it Gothic, Queen Anne, Regency and this substantial chair is made in the earlier seventeenth century style. Original wingback examples still exists today in places such as Ham House in Surrey. The Ham House chair (made for Duke & Duchess Lauderdale circa 1670) was originally known as a sleeping chair and is among the earliest examples still in existence. The wings were designed to protect the sitter from draughts and also contained a ratchet mechanism for reclining (thus it as called a sleeping chair).

This example although not a recliner, has stayed loyal to the period with the unusual straight sided wings rather than the later curvilinear shapes that are encountered on Georgian chairs. It also has superbly carved walnut “horse bone” scrolled legs and pillar supports similar to that of another example that exists at Knole Park, Kent.

An interesting Victorian revival example of an earlier chair that is almost never encountered in today’s market. A great opportunity to own its younger cousin until you find the holy grail!